Wednesday, 20 December 2017

User Manual for SSC Nominal Rolls Confirmation

Department of school education portal was developed to bring all information
related to education on a single platform. It was desired to monitor all data to make education an
ennobling experience.
Various measures are being taken to enhance the performance of the students. Health of a student being an important part Government has made it compulsory for students to take vaccination. Hence  it
is desired to develop a mobile application to capture vaccinated student’s details.
To confirm student personal details as per student record vs childInfo, also to confirm the marks as per all FAs i.e 4 and SAs i.e 2 for the said academic year of 2017-18.
The scope of this document is to explain the process flow for confirming the student details, personal
and academic

Click Here to Get User Manual for SSC Nominal Rolls Confirmation


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