Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rc 2 Class Readiness & 3R's Programme in Telangana Schools

 Plan of Action:

Six weeks school readiness programme is prescribed in Primary and Upper Primary Schools

Morning Session: Includes action Rhymes, Conversations, stories, Ceativity Rhymes additional Activities and games

Afternoon Session: Early litaracy and early mathematics as mandated by GO MS 1 under the name " Padhe Bharat Bade Bharath" shall be taught in an innovative method. The method of teaching should encourage the students to develop their cognitive abilities

Resource Material: A programme should a booklet of 20 pages with transactional material, Radio

Resource Support: Teachers will deal with the sessions directly using the resources material


(a) Conduct of School Readiness programme for Class-I children from 15th June to 30th July, 2015
(b) Conduct of Class Readiness programmes for the children of VIII from 15th June onwards.

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